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Orchid.   ("Porroglossum josei #orchids.")

♥ Porroglossum josei love this I'm reading the Gardener's guide to growning Orchids by Wilma Brian Rittershausen. Can't way to start cultivating my first orchids.

Lírio do abacaxi de duas cores ou Eucomis Bicolor. Família Asparagaceae Género Eucomis são perenes bulbosas formando uma grande roseta basal de folhas em forma de cinta, com uma haste ereta que ostentam uma densa cacho de flores em forma de estrela, encimado por uma coroa de folhas, brácteas de abertura no final do verão e início do outono Detalhes Bicolor é uma planta perene a 50 cm de altura, com ondulado, folhas em forma de cinta e roxo-manchada hastes tendo cachos de forma de estrela…

Naples Florida is a great place for the orchid enthusiast. Our climate – and plenty of helpful insight from the Naples Botanical Garden and The Naples Orchid Society – make things easier. See Naples

1 Chronicles 16:11

1 Chronicles ~ Seek the LORD and his strength, seek his face continually. --- Part of a psalm David sang to our Lord in thanks.

Unidentified Water Lily.   ("Martine Faseur - Google+." -- Faseur is name of the source pinner of this pin.)

The lotus flower is considered pure as it is able to emerge from murky waters in the morning and be perfectly clean and filled with beauty.

Cyrtachilium mascrathum Pacifica

Cyrtochilum macranthum 'Pacifica' -- All Photographs on this site © Eric Hunt

Chocolate orchids

Chocolate Orchids Orchid at the Winter Carnival Orchid Show at the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory, St.