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6 shades of purple,violet,magenta,pink,tones to get this Ombre Style hairstyle

guy tang is a straightup hair ninja......

guytang: hour color correction today with my client Joey! Thank you to all my on periscope for helping me select the colors for my client! I used blue+blissful blue, violet+lavender, green+mint! I had lifted her twice and.

Katy Perry Hair Colors | Katy Perry Hair Color. How does she do it??

I'm not into the whole "dying hair" thing bc my hair is one thing that I absolutely love about I just add some flair to it! Black hair=awesome canvas for bright colored hair extensions :D (pinch braids)

Gorgeous Kenra Color Creative creation by @GuyTang! #kenracolorcreative

RG I am digging this paradise flavor. Tropical cocktail using violet mix blue white, pink white, yellow pink.

I wish I had the guts to do this.

hairbylizzy: Glad to not be blue anymore. Nearly four months of the same color scheme is utterly boring. Manic Panic Deep PurpleManic Panic Hot Hot PinkManic Panic Electric Lava ~ ღ ~ Skuwandi