Mid-reception, Marnie's parents gave the couple a Bernese Mountain Dog pup they named Winter.

Halfway through Marnie and Jamie's New Year's Eve wedding reception, the bride's parents surprised the couple with a Bernese Mountain Dog pup they named Winter.

puppy Bernese mountain dog

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"Valorize a essência, não a aparência... Cultive os valores mais sinceros, ofereça sorrisos no olhar, amor nas palavras. Semeie flores pelo caminho e a Vida te oferecerá o perfume da Alegria."

I know someone that has one of these sweet dogs. I can barely handle his cuteness as an adult dog, so if I& met him as a puppy, I& never have recovered.


A Puppy Buyers Guide Make sure your up for the responsibility of a puppy. We were fairly lucky with Aspen but then again Ray and I ar.