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Scientists have found that memories may be passed down through generations in our DNA - New research from Emory University School of Medicine, in Atlanta, has shown that it is possible for some information to be inherited biologically…

The universe and everything you see in it is fake. That's the radical theory put forward by a number of scientists, who claim there is a possibility that our world is merely a computer simulation - and there may be evidence of this if we know where to look

Is our universe a FAKE? Theory suggests we are living in a simulation

Is our universe FAKE? Physicists claim we could all be the playthings of an advanced civilisation

According to a new study, DNA does not affect how strong your immune system is.

Genetics Don't Affect Your Immune System, But This Does

The Northwest Georgia Healthcare Partnership (NGHP) has been selected to administer a new pilot program on the impact that the use of technological devices may have on the management of diabetes, NGHP officials said.

Así se busca el ADN antiguo

The Ancient DNA Research Laboratory at Murdoch University, in Perth, Western Australia.

For a few hundred dollars, anyone can start doing genetic editing in the comfort…

Accessible Synthetic Biology Raises New Concerns for DIY Biological Warfare

This animation depicts the method for genome editing – a powerful new technology with many applications in biomedical research, including the potential to treat human genetic disease.

pretty synapse making things happen

This is what the inside of our brains look like when we are thinking. How Nerve Cells Communicate The brain makes sense of our experiences by focusing closely on the timing of the impulses that flow through billions of nerve cells

Resultado de imagen de imagenes de navidad 2018

Resultado de imagen de imagenes de navidad 2018

10 Signs You Are Raising Your Vibration and Ascending Your Consciousness: By Sabrina Reber

10 Signs You Are Raising Your Vibration and Ascending Your Consciousness: By Sabrina Reber- You are aware of the term ascension.

Nutritional Science Category Minotor Energy Endurance

Nutritional Science Category Minotor Energy Endurance

If you believe that you are at the mercy of your genetic code, great news, you’re not. According to the science of epigenetics (the study of how environmental factors outside of DNA influence changes in gene expression), stem cells and even DNA can be altered through magnetic fields, heart coherence, positive mental states and intention. Top scientists around the world agree: genetic determinism is a flawed theory.

Confirmed By Science: You Really Can Change Your DNA – Here's How