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Oooohooooohooo I will use this I don't like thes kind of memes usually but the reactions are so funny

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soy el pescado

bts memes [ book 1 ]

This made me laugh so hard. He's wearing a fish as a tie.

It's time for yet another feature dedicated to some of the many moments in K-pop life where a meme sums up just exactly how I feel. It's comforting knowing

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When I am at home I like to use my Bluetooth speaker with the volume up. My siblings always walk over to me and tell me to turn it down. The excuse I use is,"But it's Power by EXO! There's no way I can turn it down."

How to make new kpoppers. Step One: When your listening to kpop make sure people are surrounding you and are quiet. Step Two: plug in speakers and pick the most randomest/recent song you liste