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Northern Elephant Seal, female

Northern Elephant Seal, Mirounga angustirostrisRenowned for their long migration distances and their incredible diving abilities, Northern elephant seals, so named because of their long elephant-like.

Elephant Seal

"Female Elephant Seal ~ large, oceangoing seals in the genus Mirounga. The two species, the northern elephant seal and the southern elephant seal, both were hunted to the brink of extinction by the end of the century, but numbers have since recovered.

Elephant Seal Mother and Pup, San Simeon, California

NEAR SAN SIMEON, CALIFORNIA January is the month that elephant seal pups are being born up and down the California coast. This pup is probably only about a week old. The mom seems quite pleased with the new addition to her family. Photo by Sean Crane

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Portrait of a Hooded Seal Pup on the Ice Near Its Mother Photographic Print by…

Stingray Sandbar ~ Grand Cayman Island, Caribbean Sea

Stingray Sandbar Grand Cayman, we loved it here! We kissed the stingrays

Spotted seal I just don't know how or why you'd kill it for sport. I know Alaskan Natives use it for food and leather but...

Spotted seal demonstrates how seals shut their nostrils underwater.

Silver Discoverer destination: New Zealand.

Camera-Wearing Elephant Seals To Aid Antarctic Climate Change .

13 Photos To Remind Us How Amazing The Ocean Is�|�INK361

One of the curious sea lions that populates the Galapagos Islands. They are very playful and fun to dive with