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Uma ideia pra uma Tattoo criativa

I think this would make an amazing spine tattoo! with everything aligned and just the symbols. Or as individual tattoos! Maybe Neptune since that planet correlates with my astrological sign.

wiccan symbols http://whisperingworlds.com/wiccan/wiccan_symbols.php                                                                                                                                                      More

Wiccan symbols for witchcraft books, Book of Shadows spell for your online or real Book of Shadows or witchcraft spells

Simbols                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus

<<- "Native American Symbols – Iconography by Eve Warren" - Freedom symbol ->>

Scooby doo animation mix up

Why the fuck did this shit take so long? Anyways, part 3. woot woot. So team Monochrome has requested help from the Yang, but will they be able to keep Tiny Rubles out of trouble? I dunno, maybe? W...

Blake, that is a disaster waiting to happen, and you know it. So here's the first page of the comic I said I would make. And, sorry, but it'll be a whil. BeaconStrips: Makes Cents to Me (Part

So much of that argument is illogical but it's funny

So much of that argument is illogical but it's funny Also, sHUT UP NERD-

what if you saw this in 2010

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