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Chibi Cancer by on deviantART Once, I was drawing the cancer symbol and…


Emo Anime Chibi Girl tagme (looks like amy from soul caliber):) anime manga

(Open RP need him.) "Come on Lily please take it off." I whimper how could she do this to me. "Alright hold still." I walk over to her and instead of taking it off she jumps on the saddle. "Lily stop."

(Open RP need her." I whined to my owner. It was scary to have the saddle on! I neighed and and pawed at the ground before running around wildly trying to escape.

There is a game I play called minecraft its realy fun and these are the creatures from the game (the little blue spider on the big black spider's back is my favourite creature.

Tell me in the comments which one you like best. My favourite one is the Ender Dragon. He looks so awesome and so just. he just looks awesome ok.