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Shadow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Shadow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The mass of people showing their patriotism for their country. This great mass of proud Americans stand together to make an image of their nation's flag. They make such an average everyday thing by using so much of one thing.


United States February, 1942.A patriotic boy who is doing his part for the home front war effort, ties a rope around a pile of newspaper for recycling.

We had paper drives in the We'd collect papers from neighbors, tie them up, then pile them up. The goal was to get enough papers to match our height for a prize. It paid to be short back then.


Meaning of the dream in which you see the Shadow. Detailed description about dream Shadow.

Forest cabin

(It would be kinda spooky to walk down this hallway at night, specially in the winter with the leafless trees out the windows.) dark and light - black and white - darkness and sunlight - hallway, windows - rustic home