Picture of a pod of [spinner] dolphins, Makua, Hawaii [This photo was taken by my daughter-in-law, Erika Hart, while she and my son lived on Oahu. It was featured on the National Geographic website. I ask that you give Erika credit if you choose to pin. Thank you! :) ]

Poster DolphinsPhotograph by Erika Hart, National Geographic Your Shot A pod of spinner dolphins swims off Makua Beach, Hawaii, in this picture captured by Your Shot member Erika Hart during a solo.

Dolphins advancing on a school of fish

life by the sea underwater animal dolphins advancing on a school of fish

Imágenes insólitas de la semana, Abril 18, 2016 | Planeta Curioso

Baja California, Mexico ~ William Winrame captured the incredible moment a school of fish swarmed around him and other divers, and formed a vortex above

Intelligent Travel Photograph by Brian Skerry

Dolphin downtime by Brian Skerry honored at the 2014 Wildlife photographer of the year awards

Southern right whale dolphin (Lissodelphis peronei) | 9 Types of Dolphins You Didn’t Even Know Existed

the southern right whale dolphin (Lissodelphis peronii), which looks like an orca whale mixed with an Infinity and a yinyang.

crazy bermuda | In 2005 three wild dolphins living off the coast of Bermuda surprised ...

Bermuda North Atlantic humpback whales dolphins Andrew Stevenson documentary producer director Where The Whales Sing Challenger Bank flukes photo-ID catalogue DolphinQuest

Cruising offshore, dolphins and Nature puts on this incredible performance. The sea state, the air temperature, the gentle but steady wind as you ghost along under perfect light. You pinch yourself, as you become aware that even though there are 7.4 billion people on this planet of ours, this moment in time and space, this magnificent performance has been dedicated exclusively for 'Your Eyes Only'.  McC

Cruising offshore, dolphins and Nature puts on this incredible performance.


theanimaleffect: “ Group Of Atlantic Spotted Dolphins Swimming In Atlantic Ocean, Bahamas by Brandon Cole ”

Wow, Love Them except Miami Dolphins lol

♂ Dolphins jumping sunrise sunset ~ By Roberth jump over the sunset


Dolphins are amazing creatures. Beauty defined, and a window into the depth, intricacy and awesomeness of The Creator. Dreaming of a dolphin encounter in the wild.

See this Instagram photo by @caitmiersphotography • 2,192 likes

See this Instagram photo by @caitmiersphotography • 2,192 likes

Los Delfines son un claro ejemplo de lealtad y afinidad

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