PabloLabel art blog: Minseub Jung

archatlas: “Intricate Fantasy WorldsLose yourself inside South Korean artist Jung Min Seub’s conceptual fantasy creations. Complex illustrations of fantasy cities with oriental influences that are.


littlepinkbeast: “ batlesbo: “ theartofanimation: “ Min Seub Jung ” WHAT IS THIS MADNESS ” I want to live in all these places wow.

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Those are part of pictures that I colected around for modeling inspiration. don't forget to fallow me in tweater for last news at stuff for

kashieda-like: “小林誠 2220さんはTwitterを使っています: “描かない人には関係ないかもだが、ヤマト復活篇のパッケージ絵の線画。シャーペンで1週間の作業。2010年 ” ”

kashieda-like: 小林誠 2220さんはTwitterを使っています


The incredible illustrator/ graphic artist Katsuhiro Otomo, showing off. If you have any interest in illustration, you really should have a good long look at any (or all!) of the six original 'Akira' manga.