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Above the clouds: Savannah London Looks like the clouds I was up in when the engines went out on the plane

I love flying about the clouds because just sometimes I get a shot or view like this. Awesome and awe inspiring.

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Cloud on Clouds

Gas clouds with a single bright light source from behind/off to the side.

14 nuages qui ressemblent à des monstres ou des animaux  2Tout2Rien

My dad took this awesome picture in It didn't grab my attention then, but damn. Check out this cloud golem strolling through the air. - Your Fun Pics

chasingrainbowsforever: "Condescending Skies" ~ Aerial View of Clouds by Roberto Garcia on ♥

Call me Fox

Wuthering Heights (by Laurence ) (Source: earthdaily, via umwhutnoo)