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Depressed Quotes, It Hurts But It's Ok I'm Used To It Depression Quotes ~ 10 Inspiring Depression Quotes 2015

I don't actually feel this way but love the contrast of the words.

Manic Depression, Anxiety, Self-harm, PTSD, PAIN http:depressionhow-to-help-someone-with-depression

56 Funny Things That Escalated WAY Too Quickly 28

56 Funny Things That Escalated WAY Too Quickly 28

Sometimes when the people you love hurt you the most, it's better to stay quiet because, if your love wasn't you think your words will matter? ~Biting the tongue allows for time to reach clarity!

I am depression. I'm the emptiness you feel at the tears with no meaning. The pain when you smile. I don't come alone. I bring my closest friends. We are the scars that cover your body. the voice you describe. But soon learn to trust. I am t

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SO TRUE the boy I like was dating my bestie for a couple of days and I was super upset 😪

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I am the light that shines after the hurricane ends. I am the morning after a beautiful rainstorm. I am the light that shines in the moment of darkness.

A.S. Nerve tumor, tarlov spine cyst, fibromyalgia, CFS, chronic migraines, OA

You don't know pain until you're starting at yourself in the mirror with tears streaming down your face and you're begging yourself to just hold on and be strong. That is pain.

Wish I could tell her this.... But I've screwed things up too badly for even that.

“I’m a big mess, and that’s the last thing you need right now, but this mess loves you endlessly.” and you were willing and able to handle this mess and marry her and for that I will love you endlessly!