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4 reasons we all should #StandForForests | Greenpeace India

4 reasons we all should #StandForForests

Deforestation threatens ecosystems and communities. Greenpeace offers seven steps companies can take to ensure their supply chains are deforestation free.

Superhero Sea Otters: Don’t Worry About Climate Change, I Got This

Superhero Sea Otters: Just being around sea urchins keeps them from devouring kelp, which is effecient getting therefore helping prevent global warming.

An illustration of Tyrannosaurus rex trying to escape the fire and heat from a meteorite crash.

What Really Killed the Dinosaurs?

What REALLY wiped out dinosaurs: Study claims 'double-whammy' disaster

Official Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie poster General Han

Star Wars Episode VII Force Awakens Han Solo Movie Poster inches: Star Wars The Force Awakens Han Solo Portrait Blaster Movie Poster

Years of Living Dangerously: Climate Change Deniers and Kansas Wind Energy

SHOWTIME's Years of Living Dangerously on Heartland Institute climate change denier James Taylor in his Koch-funded crusade against Kansas wind energy.

Africa 2015 | Elephants

Africa 2015 | Elephants

poaching of old forest elephants has wide impact

Poaching of old forest elephant matriarchs threatens rainforests: Scientists warn that killing of the oldest, wisest females -- the guardians of their community's forest and social knowledge- could cause cascading effects on ecosystem integrity

James Hansen Why I must speak out about climate change

Top climate scientist James Hansen tells the story of his involvement in the science of and debate over global climate change. In doing so he outlines the

If someone were handing out medals for knowing random junk, you'd win the gold.

Depression Fight and Prevention by Yoga, Home Remedies, Homeopathy, Diet and Ayurveda

Catch-all fisheries are squeezing Asia’s seahorses - photo by Bettina Balnis Guylian/ Seahorses of the World.

Catch-all fisheries are squeezing Asia’s seahorses - photo by Bettina Balnis Guylian/ Seahorses of the World.

Robert Redford. In addition to his work as an actor, director and producer, Robert Redford has been a noted environmentalist and activist since the early 1970s and has served for some 30 years as a Trustee of the Board the Natural Resources Defense Council. http://www.foreverwildfilm.com/robertredford.html

Robert Redford on Paul Newman, Sundance and the Increasingly Crucial Fight to Save the Earth