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Afbeeldingsresultaat voor cenozoic

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor cenozoic

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Rock Layers: Timeline of Life on EarthEvolution is a complicated subject. While everybody understands that black bears are related to grizzly bears and we can even figure they are related to extinct bears, lots of people wonder how scientists can be so su

When Trilobites Ruled the World

When Trilobites Ruled the World

When Trilobites Ruled the World : Classification Règne Animalia Sous-règne Bilateria Infra-règne Protostomia Super-embr.

and sadly us people are causing the 6th mass extinction

History is riddled with massive die-offs. At times, of Earth& species disappeared. Here& a look at the worst extinction events and what caused them.

Largest Theropod Dinosaurs in comparison with an elephant.

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Design and Illustration for extinct, prehistoric animal specimens and fossils, natural history museum signage.

Most complete terror bird skeleton ever found -- earbone structure shows it could hear low pitches, so probably had a low voice


The skeleton of the new species of terror bird (Llallawavis scagliai) on display at the Museo Municipal de Ciencias Naturales Lorenzo Scaglia in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

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Meet the monsters that once roamed North America, including the hell pig, the terror bird, and the short-faced bear. These infographics were created by Beth Zaiken as signages for the Natural History Museum.

T-rex skull Locality Hell Creek Formation, Harding County, South Dakota, USA

T-rex skull Locality Hell Creek Formation, Harding County, South Dakota, USA

Paleontology Laboratory, USNM, by Unknown, 1926, Smithsonian Archives - History Div, MNH-4886B.

"In the foreground of the Paleontology Laboratory in the United States National Museum, now known as the National Museum of Natural History, is a large fossil of a ray-finned bony fish in the matrix on a table.

Diabloceratops is my favorite dinosaur. It's name means Devil Horned Head. Discovered in southern Utah in 2002.

Diabloceratops [dee-ab-lo-ser-a-tops] is an extinct genus of centrosaurine ceratopsian dinosaur that lived approximately 79 million years ago during the latter part of the Cretaceous Period in what is now Utah, in the United States