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My world of styling blok 2

This should be made into a movie

Get your meme on!

The Fangirl Oath. Pledge allegiance to your fandoms. It's the fangirl version of the pledge to Artemis! :D<<I pledge myself to the goddess Artemis, I turn my back on the company of men, accept eternal maiden-hood, and join the hunt

Source: Outbuilding of the Week: Artemis Russell's Tiny Garden Shed

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"Find me by the sea..."  -That! sounds like a perfect plan for moa!...don't move, wait for me... :) #men #trends #lifestyle www.morseandnobel.com

Stuff I wish my boyfriend would wear (29 photos)

Men's summer casual: gray sweater, slate shorts and cream / white canvas boat shoes

Apollo & Artemis/Diana | art by schmemy (Artwork)

Artemis and Apollo<<< Artemis' face says "if he keeps singing I'm gonna shoot him in the foot.

Man! If I had the time and money I would so do this...maybe I still will...Halloween is about 2 months away...Maybe if I find my Eugene.

Rapunzel's Wig Tutorial 5 by echoing-artemis on deviantART Pretty sure that's the most beautiful Rapunzel wig I've ever seen.

Fontaine de Diane Milieu du XVIe siècle Marbre H. : 2,11 m. ; L. : 2,58 m. ; Pr…

Marble mid-sixteenth-century fountain of Diana; the top section is from Château d'Anet (Eure-et-Loir), residence of Diane de Poitiers, favourite of Henri II; Diana the Roman huntress goddess is portrayed with her bow and stag attributes.