WIIIII! This is another free tutorial for everybody! Yep, because the first one was a standard standing pose and this one is more dynamic! you can find the  step by step description on patreon...

Fullbodies step by step by *Kibbitzer HELLO GUYYYS! these are FREE for everybody 'cause I think it’s really useful : D There are many “how to draw” … this is mine and I hope you’ll find it useful! you can find the step by step description on.


I find sketches like that pretty useful. Naked character's anatomy is more interesting to draw , especially curvy girls :) I'M NOT A PERV , NEITHER A LESBIAN!

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the valiard mansion character design sketches ile ilgili görsel sonucu

Definition of Character Design, Role of Character Designer, Character Design Steps as described by Tom Bancroft former Disney Animator & Character Designer

Life Drawings

Life Drawings

If you like this then I would be interested to hear your thoughts on some other sketches http://adamchristopherdesign.co.uk/practice-sketching/

When we draw fashion illustrations, we draw 9 heads so the proportion looks balanced and the drawing looks more attractive.