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Longsword of the Dark Templar by Soulflame81.deviantart.com

A detailed and fantasy-inspired longsword in silver, gold and blue crystal.R using Cinema Longsword of the Dark Templar

Fantasy Dragon Sword  http://www.swordsknivesanddaggers.com/

Dragon Wizard fantasy sword with stainless steel blades and dragon claw pommel

Conan The Barbarian Swords

Albion Armorers replica Conan The Barbarian Swords. Hand sharpened by Jody Samson,A little too heavy for real sword play unless of course you're Conan

I think this sword is awesome

My dad gave me this sword, Its name is Tsunami, when not in use it is a small starfish key chain.

Parrying dagger (pugnale bolognese), ca. 1550–75; Italian.  Partly gilt steel, brass & wood.  Designed to be used together with a rapier, this dagger is fitted with a side ring, recurved quillons & a depression at the base of one side of the blade to accommodate the thumb and facilitate a firmer grip. The waves in the blade may be intended to act like "speed bumps" in breaking the impact of a blow from an opponent's blade. The piercing of the fullers (grooves) is decorative.

Parrying Dagger (Pugnale Bolognese) Dated: Culture: Italian Medium: partly gilt steel, brass, and wood Measurements: weight 15 oz.

"Draconis Dragon Sword" : Swords and Long Blades by Omega Artworks

"Draconis Dragon Sword" : Swords and Long Blades by Omega Artworks This is a good example of a correct fantasy sword: balanced, light and functional.

Soul Reaver Sword by Omega Artworks

My sword to complete the outfit I posted earlier. It is celestial bronze and glows slightly in the dark.

To dress with more of a plan. Have all these items, now to wear them.

), Its form is derived from the scythe (agricultural hand tool for mowing grass); in times of unrest, peasants would turn their hand tools into more effective weapons.


Dunesaber a mystic sword of Molthaven that is said to carry with it the heat of the sands

Skyrim Daedric Sword Video Game Costume Prop Weapon EVA Foam Build ...

Posts about Skyrim Daedric Sword Video Game Costume Prop Weapon EVA Foam Build How To written by evilfx

Dragon-themed dagger

Draco Dagger, by Omega Artworks. One of our most ornate daggers. This is a large hilt. A detailed dragon at the base of the hilt with the wings of the dragon forming a knuckle guard. The pommel is a dragons claw with a egg shaped gemstone in it's grasp.