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Ok I don’t understand, you can’t put your animal on a vegan diet, but a child who needs the protein from meat can be forced a vegan diet and it’s totally acceptable?

If i was the teacher i would laugh so hard

i cracked up laughing and this is literally the third time i've seen this! i literally can't stop laughing!


Ship names! The thing your describing is ship names using your surname!

I want my life to be this...

Security cameras

Omg and it's at times like these that I wish my school had security camera even though that's the crappiest idea I've ever heard. What idiot puts security camera in schools?<< welcome to public school.

I would watch it!

I dunno who Jeff goldblum is but I would so watch a movie like this sounds hilarious.

Incorrect. It is constantly switching from one to the other at any given moment but never more or less.

I can think of several fictional sibling pairs that fit this description

I love math. High school required art classes and I failed even after turning everything in :( not many people can be good in all subjects

I'm a sciencey person but I agree, I loved taking art and music classes because they were a break from the stress and allowed us to think creatively

Me...if I ever have kids...whch will probably never happen...unless my husband is gorgeous...and I feel like there should be more of him...but even then it's kinda iffy...ok bye

I'm doing this some day only with Irish accent hahha <<<I'm going to try to fake a different accent with each of my future children and I'll have a bunch of kids with different accents

Even as I write this poem I know nothing I have to say matters / Unless it's typed in Times Roman 12pt font.

Even as I write this poem I know nothing I have to say matters / Unless it's typed in Times Roman font and double spaced.

that teacher has to be awesome. lol. as well as the kid who came up with the comeback. hahaha.

Funny pictures about A really smart kid. Oh, and cool pics about A really smart kid. Also, A really smart kid.