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I really like such black and white photos showing love between people it's shows the depth of the moment

Gentleman romance | love

vintage flirt at Café Borgia. Cafe, silhouette by Youp Laboum.

Well if this isn't the most beatiful photo i've ever seen...

Take a BERRY Break (40 photos)

every little thing she does is magic. It kills him just to be around her. He has been taught all his life to hate magic. And now, even though the girl has saved life life countless of times using her powers. He still hates her, with his every being

The couple have a good laugh at the Hilton in New York City, June 1996. *By John Barrett/Globe Photos, Inc.*

The Private Princess

Net Photo: John F. and Carolyn Bessette: Image ID: . Pic of John F. and Carolyn Bessette - Latest John F. and Carolyn Bessette Image.

...learning how to dance in the rain

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while she's enjoying her bath time, her lover is reading the book telling the story to her. How beautiful is it really that he have time to be with her and just enjoying reading to her. I think it is romance truly.