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So true

Walter: if you think passing laws banning guns is the answer.criminals don't pay attention to laws, dumbass

liberals can not exist without conservative protection. If you are free to be a liberal - Thank a person with a gun!

Sam Elliott talks 'Grandma,' hating technology and being pro-choice

Jeff Dunham & friends

Might break My Tail Bone


What might have happened on September 11 if this were truly the land of the free - Meoso

Political Cartoon by A. Pence walks out of a Colts football game offended by players disrespecting the U. Political Cartoon by A. Branco More …

Truth guns 2nd amendment

19 Examples Of Media Deception

When there's a bombing we blame the bomber. When there's a drunk-driving accident we blame the driver. Why, when there's a shooting, do we blame the gun? So true!

Celebs who support 2nd Amendment

Facebook Friday …. Part II!!

ALL celebrities indirectly support the amendment cause theyre guarded by bodyguards with guns.new respect

making good people helpless won't make bad people harmless | 2nd amendment

You Actually Believe Criminals Will Obey Gun Control Laws. You’re a Special Kind of Stupid, Aren’t You.

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To protect me an mine from a tyrannical government.

Exactly! Support the 2nd Amendment!

Exactly! Support the 2nd Amendment!

Yeah. Buy 2 or 3. Hahahaha I love the VP9s used in this meme! Good choice

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