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100% tegen Racisme

100% tegen Racisme

I have been boycotting the BET Awards for many years they are RACIST, not a single non-black person was nominated! But, if this were the other way around, wow! What chaos! Racism is racism, people! Period! Somewhere along the way, people began this movement of racism, which is only racism when it's white on another race and not racism when it's black against white. <<< what white nonsense did i just read???

This isn't about black entitlement.Wondered why Ms America pageant had blacks, Ms Black America Pageant no whites

No closed season, no bag limit, night hunting allowed.

Tags are free and unlimited. Defenders of isis get a bounty on them, armed or not.

Videos emerge from Germany’s migrant rape epidemic (WARNING: disturbing content) – Israel Video Network

Videos emerge from Germany’s migrant rape epidemic (WARNING: disturbing content) – Israel Video Network

Crappy trade

Obama’s new movie “Trading Private Bergdahl”. Obama gave the enemy the top five Taliban leaders. In return we got one deserting cowardly traitor back. Watch to see how the new America negotiates with terrorists.

Please pray for the victims of Islam in Paris. And the family's

Runners continue to run towards the finish line of the Boston Marathon as an explosion erupts near the finish line of the race

Colin Kaepernick is a spoiled rotten little pussy of a man/human. I have so much more I could add but only so called inappropriate language can be used. Also: Praise this soldier

Colin Kaepernick converted to Islam before his Anti-American stance .He needs to leave this great country if it doesn't represent freedom. Because he is living a very plushy life. He has disrespected our troop.

Nobody needs this much soda! First off there's not an "abortion" pill, how about the fact that some serious birth control is necessary where he is elected? Ever thought about regional issues? How teen pregnancy is way worse in other cities so much that is has spread to middle schools??

This guy is a mega piece of fucking work! NYC Schools Hand out ‘Morning-After’ Pills