I know this has to be rough

My brain runs all the time. I dream all the time. Sometimes I wish I could just stop my brain from being so busy. Isn't that the truth?

Capricorn. YES, I told people but they don't want to listen to me!

I feel like most pictures like this were just made by Capricorns who want to manipulate people into listening to them. This is a PSA, I am betraying my own kind, but it's for a good cause.

When I say, "Your secret is safe with me", you can trust that it really, really is. I will take it to my grave.

I've been yelled at more for keeping secrets than giving them away. Tattling was something I learned early not to do.


So true! Fake people are so annoying. Be honest with me and I'll probably like you as a person, be super fake or lie to me and I'll turn my back on you.

Give to give not to expect something in return

That's not strictly true-I expect admiration of my generosity and love for the care I show.-I agree, I will expect a little something in return<

gelukkig wel

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Hahahah yes. I'm more likely to be silently fuming and filtering out as many harsh words as I can before I speak to you again.