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My money is on Percabeth- Leo is right, they'd pull a Katniss and Peeta by real❤️

Lol...anyone else find it ironic that Mr. D is literally the most calm one there? Also, Athena isn't using wise words -.- >annoying. I think it's cuz Percy's the son of Poseidon and she doesn't like him willing to do anything for his friends (fatal flaw). But we all love Percabeth, like Zeus, soooo xD

For once I agree with Zeus. I'm underground you can't kill me I'm in my dad's realm!<<< even zeus ships percabeth

Hah, Perfect & Neutella !

I think it should be- Nico= Nicolle Annabeth+ Brad Percy= Logan Piper= Peter ( I liked hers) Jason= Parker Hazel= Jace Frank= Cali Leo= Sarah Reyna= Ty<<<<<<no no no perfect and Nutella all the way!

Insults architecture hahaha I thought Frank would be the hulk though

Hazel could be Scarlet Witch


But seriously Percy, stepping on a Lego?

This is the reason these three are my favorites in the PJO/HoO series!!! Nico's Batman... SHHHH! :D

I'm Batman. I can't stop laughing. I mean I'm Batman.

THE GODS SHIP IT. C'mon, I need more than two OC demigods! Forms, please, and keep asking!

Well, Poseidon and Athena, I hate you rigth now, cause Percabeth are PERFECT! And to Zeus: What if I ask you what would you do rigth now if Jason proposed to Piper?

Ask the demigods: "If you could live anywhere with anybody, where and with who would it be?"

agh I need a book about the Jackson kids

Dye hair for the demigods!! :D Like Percy :)

What would BLUE hair look like? Answer: Really cool I dip dyed my hair blue and Purple I'll post a pic in my Percy Jackson board (cause its blue)

You made for a cute rodent - Annabeth...LOL

Run like the wind Leo!