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Day 17 of The Prosperity Game- Toca Sleigh Bells on Handle  (for playing along with christmas carols) $25
DdO:) MOST POPULAR RE-PINS - - INSTRUMENTS FOR JOY. Beautiful classical stringed instrument LYRE MANDOLIN. 2 wood tones and glossy finish -  RESEARCH Frets .com: Name is from having similar strings to harps. GIBSON Mandolin GUITAR Manufacturing Company made these before 1910. Higher grade Gibson mandolins had friction pegs like this; cheaper  models had gears. Often cedar top; walnut back & sides; figured maple neck.
Dulcimer made by Doug Berch~I have wanted to learn to play the dulcimer for YEARS.  Maybe it's time.
Though mostly known for their 6-string guitar offerings, Parker also has this acoustic/electric bass - four string, lovely warm wood.
Want one.....Fender Stratocaster 12 string guitar. You don't see a lot of these and most people would only have a 12 string Strat as a second guitar, but they are great guitars. For more information on Stratocasters go to...
Alembic Club: What is the most expensive Alembic guitar and bass ever produced?
Info about the common ukulele sizes - scale, length, frets, along with a discrition of each size. A rundown of ukulele sizes from smallest to biggest.
Dean USA Razorback - Stained Glass