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A collection of weapon illustrations created for Reality Blurs RPG setting "Iron Dynasty". The client wanted the weapons to be unique but historically accurate, so most of the fun I had lies in the.

sekigan:  ArtStation - medieval, u danja (genicool)

ArtStation - medieval, u danja (genicool

Migration Era Germanic Women Warriors Concept by Gambargin on DeviantArt

A concept study of Germanic Women Warrior for the Late Antiquity HWS Project: Rise of Kings and Queens which aims to portray Women Warriors of various cultures in a fictitious anachronistic histori.

Pretty cool quick visual reference: History of war uniforms in one image, 1066-2014. #history #research

History of war uniforms in one image.

Pretty cool quick visual reference: History of war uniforms in one image, - also look at the weapons- 500 yrs to develop a gun & then they just become more powerful with each passing century.


The steps needed for a samurai to equip his armor. Mystery of History Volume Lesson 63

medieval sword frog - Google Search

Diagram of medieval sword belt, one style of fastening scabbard to the belt. Aren't weapons fun!

Armour Tutorial - PART 1 by rynarts.deviantart.com on @deviantART

bikiniarmorbattledamage: “ helpyoudraw: “ Armor Tutorials and References Armour Tutorial - PART 1 by rynarts Armour Tutorial - PART 2 by rynarts Armor Study and Guide 1 by KataabaIzuua ASG 2 Head and.

Архив альбомов

The Armor of the Paladins of the Aster looked like Silver and Gold, and when Light hit them, it was Blinding.

Something a bit more educational than the usual offerings.

List of Chinese "Kung-Fu" weapons. I'm not convinced of the practicality of half of these, but still.

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armour types - inspiration for LARPs / LRPs / Cosplay / painting your minis RPG inspiration

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