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1612 Moscow, Polish hussars - Anatoly Telenik

Salve, this year is still new -:) so I am planning to start a new theme - contemporary painters and illustrators , in whose art horses and .

Allegoria dei Cinque Mostri ostinati, De Warminiaen

Allegory of the Five Obstinate Monsters is the informal title of a satirical print which in its country of origin, The Netherlands, is actually known as De Warminiaen. Note that stupiditas is also.

If You Get Through These 27 Vintage Photos - Gallery

If You Get Through These 27 Vintage Photos

i call this "post apocalypse shaman". Urban Druid performing spirit sorcery in park, around year - This photo is really from the by Dutch artist, Cor Jaring in Amsterdam.

Mickey Mignon, "The Penguin Lady" and her husband, Earl Davis, "Hoppy The Frog Boy" married in 1950 after years of success on the sideshow circuit.

Agnolo Brunelleschi se metamorfosea tras el abrazo y la mordedura de una serpiente

Gustave Dore - Dante Inferno "How Dost Thou Change Agnelloo"