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Never Let Success Go To Your Head...

Never Let Success Go To Your Head. Never let failure get to your heart! Dressage, a sport of emotions!

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The worst of them sense our fears and take advantage of us. The best of them sense our dreams and take us there.

Still dreaming, forever dreaming. Someday just never seems to come.

I pinned it once but I need to hear this, being hugely pregnant, haven't ridden in months.so freakin heavy and uncomfortable.

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Help a stray dog ♥ we have taken 3 stray cats and in the past 2 or 3 dogs and they have been the best

I'm so happy and so inspired as I watch and share these two excellent videos that outline 5 tips for success in riding from the young lady who has pretty much conquered today's world in International dressage competition on every front,

three choices in life: Give up, Give in, or Give it all you've got. Obviously give it all you've got is the only option.