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4 Rituals To Make You Happy, According To Science | Dyer and Jenkins

4 Rituals To Make You Happy, According To Science

Idéia para Foto de Casal na Praia com noite Estrelada.                                                                                                                                                      Mais

Fotógrafo brasileiro é destaque na Fotografia de Casais

And in that night, we were the stars. becoming the very light of our own shadows.

(Open RP?) I watch the waves overlap and see somebody sit next to me and say "You good?" I nod "You don't look it though." I sigh. -Ashley

I will be that girl in a picture like this some day soon. gorgeous scenery, hair blowing in the wind, hanging out on the beach in a bikini =)

100 Mommy Daughter Date Ideas - www.themommyhoodmoments.com - #mommydaughter #dateideas

Mommy Daughter Date Ideas - Week 2

Pet Tags & Bag Tags by me.tag

I joined color guard and drill team mostly because I had nothing better to do with my spare time.

Hidden Bird Picture Riddle

In these picture puzzles one has to find the hidden animals or birds in the given pictures. As these puzzles are for kids, we have kept these puzzle very easy.