photos by Milton H. Greene

photos by Milton H. Greene

Hair test for "The Prince and The Showgirl". Photo by Milton Greene, 1956

Marilyn Monroe and Ella Fitzgerald. Would have been a great pic if Marilyn's eyes were open.. Cameras. Lol

MARILYN MONROE~Ella Fitzgerald wanted to play at Mocambo, a very popular club in the but they wouldn’t book her because she was black. Marilyn Monroe called the owner & said she would sit at the front table every night Ella sang. And she did.

Quotes | " if you gonna be two faced make at least one of them pretty " - Norma Jeane ( Marilyn Monroe ) • praying with diamonds

Marilyn Monroe during rehearsal for "The Jack Benny Program" with Jack Benny and Eddie "Rochester" Anderson, 1953

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe 1950 (x-post from r/oldschoolcool) : MarilynMonroe

Always stunning.

My 3 favorite pics of Marilyn, used them on my mob a crew links I did. Marilyn Monroe - Photos anciennes et d'autrefois, photographies d'époque en noir et blanc

Her candle burned out long before her legend ever did...

Which Marilyn Monroe Are You Most Like?

Marilyn Monroe meets Queen Elizabeth II, 1956

Rare photos of the old and the dead

Greene took this impromptu photo after Monroe had just gotten her makeup done, but was still dressed in her favorite thing to wear: a terrycloth bathrobe.

Marilyn Monroe photographed on the set of "Some Like It Hot", 1958.

Marilyn Monroe photographed on the set of "Some Like It Hot", with visitor Maurice Chevalier (left) and film's director Billy Wilder.