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We just need a redhead and we would be complete girls, Standard Poodles.

Photo of Standard Poodle for fans of Standard Poodle .the prettiest Poodle I have ver seen....next to my Daisy.

one day i& buying a black poodle that will grow up to be the biggest poddle possible and naming her francesca. even though greg hates poodles. and the name francesca.


"London" Athlete Top winning Black Male Poodle (all varieties) in the American Kennel Club history.

Black Standard Poodle in continental clip - the most popular show clip LUXe ¿¿¿¿**+

Poodles - Smart Active and Proud

standard poodle - one of the proper cuts when you're grooming an adult show poodle - standard miniature or toy.

Pc010149 Gray standard poodle

Havanese - Intelligent and Funny

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