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When classical painting goes crazy – The twisted collages of Barry Kite (image)

Kunst met een grote K. :-)

American artist Barry Kite creates twisted collages using classical paintings like the Mona Lisa, Vincent van Gogh's self portrait and the.

Gothic Tango | by barry.kite@att.net

Grant Wood´s "American Gothic" couple taking a break from standing in front of their farmhouse.

Mona Lisa - Lisa especially for you

Mona Lisa - Lisa especially for you - white blouse, blouses shirts ladies, blouse sale *ad

Title Fight | Jackson Pollock gets the Abstract Expressionis… | Flickr

Mona Lisa in a fight, will Vincent stop the fight? by Barry Kite photocollage

Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Saxophones, Mona Lisa, Microsoft, Humour, Humor, Comic, So Funny

0251 [Ellen Marcus] Mona Lisa as a fish


Mona Lisa kultainen leikkaus

The golden ratio 2 – in the life

"The Golden Rectangle, the Golden Triangle, and the Golden Pyramid, all based on the Golden Ratio are all appear prominent in the work of Leonardo Da Vinci. He referred to the Golden Ratio as the "divine proportion".

মোনা বৌদির বাচ্চা হয়েছে  Mona Lisa Delivers a Baby

মোনা বৌদির বাচ্চা হয়েছে Mona Lisa Delivers a Baby