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Nobody else understands what this song meant to us...after we changed the words to it!

AC/DC - Givin The Dog A Bone. This is the record that was playing when Xander caught Spencer and Ricky dancing and playing air guitar in the control room.

Frankie Kersey, i like AC/DC, The Rolling Stones and Greenday, love Angus Young and Billie Joe i also play the guitar.

The Faith No More posters are amazing this year!

Faith No More – London posters!

AC/DC. I love them so much!!! I can be in a crappy mood and these boys make me happy every time!

Alternating current (AC): goes back and forth Direct current (DC): travels in one direction

rock music

This picture contains the names of the classic rock band such as The Rolling stones and AC/DC. These have both became iconic names the name of our band needs to achieve this by being fairly short and catchy.

photo acdc_zps80nfnwc5.gif

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Rock Rock Band AC/DC Gets Their Own Beer

AC/DC has been putting it down on the rock scene for 40 years now,.