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Tears never lie

Tears never lie

haha great! But I didn't do the pole, Pringles, or jello

What 90's kids did when they were a kid.

I thought I was the only one who raced raindrops! And pro tip: when bumping down the stairs use a sleeping bag to go faster. And I didn't play superhero I played robot! <<<<<<< I race raindrops, i didn't know that about the stairs, and I play robot!

Pee on the title to show dominance

Pee on the title to show dominance

This s meant fr our idiotic divya  mam.

we achieved some thing in our life .bt one thing wen I remember my maths miss ( karupu bannu ) I really hate maths.

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Is this the same guy as Canada Day maple leaf? >>> His past as Canada Day maple leaf will never leave him, and it will haunt him forever.

Map Of Global Internet Usage

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LOL SO TRUE POSTS - When you hear a song and every single word perfectly describes your situation

Guys... by cosenza987 on DeviantArt

Honestly that's what u get for buying a grass phone case😂🙌🏼

Mind blown.....

Definitely tracks, including the green-clad brunette who brothers are too heroic for them.

Facebook arguments

Facebook arguments