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(Addict With a Pen) This makes me want to cry. This song was written from a point of such brokenness. It's so evident in his face. I love it so much though.

Addict with a pen UG live studio videos are honestly so amazing!

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Tyler looks like some thrift shopping rapper and Josh looks like some emo kid that his mom staged to the grocery store.

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Twenty one pilots vessel commentary. Tyler's so heartfelt and down to earth, him and Josh really put their heart and soul into what they do.

Oh boy yes I will!!

Brother Tyler, may you braid my hair? The I may is not a good way to phrase it, I do appreciate the refremce to the vine tho. But instead of I may, more like I MOST DEFINITELY WILL

This is me . |-/

I did not plan to be obsessed with phan or mcr or bvb.I didn't even like phan it first now it's my main fandom