Maak kennis met de betoverende, dubbel belichte fotoportretten van huwelijks- en artistiek fotografe Sara K Byrne uit Boise, de hoofdstad van de Amerikaanse staat Idaho. Automatisch op de hoogte blijven van haar werk? Volg haar op Facebook, Twitter of Tumblr.

Double exposure inspiration - creating ART with various exposures of tree photographs, such as flowering pink cherry blossoms or redbud trees to create a side portrait silhouette of a woman. Pinned via vectressgs/art/

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Picture of the Day: Face Plant In this capture by photographer Archie Campbell, we see his sister’s silhouette in a plant. The technique is known as multiple exposure, in this case it’s a double exposure (since it’s composed of two photographs).


Trees, nature's condos for the little guys, are not just a pretty picture. Squirrels, birds, and bugs count on them for a place to live. (I know the lens is about trees and not art. But I love that face-in-the-trees illusion artwork.

Double Exposure Photography: 25 pictures that will blow your mind

Double Exposure Photography: 25 extraordinary pictures that will blow your mind

Double exposure portraits: a simple tutorial for making surrealist images.

Double exposure portraits: a simple tutorial for making surrealist images


Bulgaria-based photographer Aneta Ivanova creates surreal and poetic images with double exposure photographic technique. Aneta Ivanova perfectly does that

Portret met aan de bovenkant steen

Mens en natuur vervagen in deze dromerige portretten van Antonio Mora

Double Exposure Portraits by Antonio Mora Spanish artist Antonio Mora does women and men’s portraits in double exposure of natural elements& waves, moutains’ landscapes or animals and plants come juxtaposing on the models’ faces.

Prachtige Surrealistische Portretten: kunstenaar blend mensen met de natuur « EYEspired

Antonio Mora: Artist Blends Humans With Nature In Beautifully-Surreal Portrait Series