Ceanothus Tree.

Ceanothus - spring flowering evergreen, grown as a tree. California lilac - loves dry abusive environment (well draining, hot side of house)

Bay tress underplanted with seasonal colour. These hydrangeas look great but would need a lot of watering.

"Beautiful container arrangement" I did this! Someone pinned my work. Planting and Containers by Beau Folie Landscaping

This informal Tuscan Garden uses a relaxed planting scheme focusing on the use of natural stone within the beds, working with nature, thi...

Alternative to a highly controlled garden treatment - informal Tuscan Garden (Bella Terra Garden Design)

moois en liefs: tuin en veranda

Color will be a HUGE factor? House will stay a pale yellow. Everything else is up for change. Window trim, stairs, railings and all decorative woodwork (flower boxes), Also flower pots and furniture.