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I'm putting this under art and design, b/c I'm not buying the color on this bird. It's gorgeous, but SO not believable. - ☮k☮ #pink

ok so this is like a pink blue jay so like a pink jay and the reason I'm so into this is because i live in Toronto so our baseball team is the bluejays and my favourite colour is pink


Heart-Shaped Face Barn Owl

Chouette effraie (tyto Alba) Heart-Shaped Face Barn Owl, I have never seen barn owls with these colors! They are simply beautiful.


Beautiful Bird Huddles By Jack Shepherd, Buzz Feed , 9 May Here are some birds huddling together because it is, as us.

Pompadour kotinga

Pompadour Cotinga found in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana…