Jeune renard comme il est beau

socks (fox in)

fox kit

Curious Fox Kit (Cub) by

Baby foxes!!

Funny pictures about Baby foxes cuteness overload. Oh, and cool pics about Baby foxes cuteness overload. Also, Baby foxes cuteness overload.

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Red Fox Cub by Sebastian Saarloos

Red Fox Cub by Sebastian Saarloos. Red foxes lived in a den on the neighbor's hill. I often sneaked up and watched the puppies play when I was a kid.

'As they were walking..Lydia pointed out a fox coming out of the fog near the woods'..passage from the book...Jane Eyre at Cranbridge..

Red fox pup- ever since I saw"The Fox & the Hound" I've always thought that having a pet fox would be thee coolest thing in the world!

Crazy beautiful

Red Fox Vixen, Yellowstone National park Powered by:

Shhhhh... Just Closing Them For A Second                                                                                                                                                                                 More

villere: by Ivan Kislov


Red Fox Cubs by charlesaudet - Charles Audet

Der Fuchs hat -außer dem Menschen- in unseren Breitengraden keine nennenswerten (Freß)feinde. Steinadler, Seeadler und Wölfe können Füchse schlagen. Auch bei Luchsen und Uhus stehen Füchse auf dem Speiseplan.

The older fox looks just like the younger fox, the older fox sees it's younger playful self and the younger fox sees it's older strong warrior self.

Linda....adoro raposas!

Not only is this a sweet picture but I am interested in shape the foxes body makes when its curled up like this. I could incorporate it somehow into my logo or mark.

StudioView — via 500px / Curious Approach by Peter Baumgarten ...

Animals Vince Vance, Fox Pup, Curious Approach, Fox Cub by Peter Baumgarten,

Red Fox - Photographer unknown

And the proud owner of the red dot is...

aww, lookat those ear!

Baby fox

A beautiful baby fox.

Brave New World - Fox Kits - by Joe Hautman

Brave New World - Fox Kits - by Joe Hautman

Fox ..:) .Did..G..

Poised Fox Photography By Sorin Rechitan