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The best places to live

Superb slopegraph of the city "liveability" index from The Economist. So many sad stories on the right.

Joseph Colton's 1842 Chart of Universal History. This is one of the earliest examples we have seen of the complete Strauss model published in the United States (though earlier partial versions or derivations of the form appeared in the U.S.) The explanation at the bottom of the chart states "Each Nation is represented by a stream which is broken in upon or flows on undisturbed as it is influenced by the accession of Territory or the remaining at Peace."

Joseph Colton, Chart of Universal History, David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

In the graph, the left-hand side shows the annual income for typical, full-time workers in different metro areas. The right-hand side adjusts that figure for the cost of living in each metro area.

How Far Your Paycheck Goes, In 356 U.S. Cities

Where do middle-class workers feel richest? Where does the cost of living take the biggest bite?

Where everyone in the world is migrating—in one gorgeous chart - article (27 March 2014) on migration research, explaining data and patterns briefly

Where everyone in the world is migrating—in one gorgeous chart

This chart shows one of the 5 geographic themes, migration.It is an engaging chart that shows how the world population is migrating. It is an interesting tool that will keep students interested instead of lecturing over migration patterns.

Audio and Video content on Economist.com requires a browser that can handle iFrames. ON APRIL 2nd, Iran and six world powers (America, Russia, China, Britain, France...

The Middle Eastern mesh

View infographicON APRIL Iran and six world powers (America, Russia, China, Britain, France and Germany) agreed the outline of a deal to restrict Iran’s.

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The value of an hour of work. How much an hour of work contributes to the GPD per capita of the respective country.