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RJ, dad Robin, Melissa & Spencer.

RJ, dad Robin, Melissa & Spencer.

On 27 January 2003, fifteen days after Maurice's death, Robin released a solo album, Magnet in Germany, and worldwide shortly afterwards. Magnet featured the Bee Gees song "Wish You Were Here" (from the 1989 album One) in a new acoustic version. The lead single, "Please", had coincidental lyrics about "loss". After Maurice's death, Gibb and Barry again disbanded the Bee Gees; In late 2009, the two brothers announced that they would reform and perform again as the Bee Gees whenever they cou

Stayin Alive Lyrics and Video by The Bee Gees - Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man: no time to talk.

Robin and Molly with their kids Spencer and Melissa

Just a video clip I made featuring the Gibbs and their family.


Dwina with son Robin John and his girlfriend Megan Golub. Robin John and Megan are expecting parents.

Robin with son, Spencer, Molly and Robert Stigwood

w/ baby Spencer

Robin Gibb and Spencer Gibb read

Bee Gees: Robin Gibb offers a big smirk as he reads a Tintin book to son Spencer, circa

Robin and his mom.

Robin & his mom Barbara Barbara passed away Robin passed away

Robin and Dwina - I love this picture.

Shameless: Blair's freebie holiday at Bee Gee mansion



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Dwina and Maxwell/eo