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Military style parade jacket featuring decorative buttons on the front and shoulders with contrasting silver trim detailAvailable in S (UK to (UK 18

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The tutor heard music echoing through the halls of the palace up to the library where he was. He has been in the palace long enough to recognise the spirits that dwell here but none are talented as this one. He picked up his candle and followed his ears towards the sound. It was loudest at the music that had been vacant for some while. He pushed open the door and saw two figures in blankets, one leaning its head on another's shoulder that was playing. They looked familiar.

I hear a familiar sad melody playing from the study. I lean against the door frame and look in on Abraham. His eyes are closed as his fingers brush against the keys.


Warriors that are trained since youth to catch killers and fight evil. Each Hero has to complete training before they are allowed into the world to serve the Queen Isolde.

This is a quote i would best put with Fortenbras. This is only because he has a strong vengeance to extract revenge for the death of his father, however i believe that this turned to wrath because King Hamlet was the one whom killed his dad and he is dead already. Yet Fortinbras is still pursuing revenge.

Reina experiences wrath, and this anger she holds onto and lets guide her, is often her biggest weakness

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