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Why Kraftwerk are still the world's most influential band Kraftwerk's fusion of art, beats and electronics has become a template copied by musicians everywhere. Now they plan to take London's Tate Modern by storm


Kraftwerk Plays ‘The Man-Machine’ Live at MoMA, Offers No Proof That They Aren’t Actually Robots



Kraftwerk is awesome; it's their fans I can't stand. (This from their MoMA show, April 11th 2012)

Kraftwerk X MOMA "Man Machine" Kraftwerk 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Retrospective Autobahn // So gutted to miss this

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Kraftwerk: Photographs Non-Stop

DSC00093.JPG (4608×3456)

Frequently Asked Questions about the German band Kraftwerk

Kraftwerk en directo. Diseño Emil Schult

Last week a British university hosted a conference on German electropop pioneers Kraftwerk. Quite right too, says Ivan Hewett

Kraftwerk Live 1981 (KeepWerking) Tags: live ralf calculator 1981 karl florian…

The World's Best Photos of 1981 and ralf

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c2.staticflickr.com 4 3613 3473551578_2d950357f3_z.jpg?zz=1

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Kraftwerk — now in 3D!

Kraftwerk — now in

Getty Images JP: Kraftwerk Plays the Electric Ballroom - April 19, 1975

Getty Images JP: Kraftwerk Plays the Electric Ballroom - April 1975