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「ペンギン ヒナ 面白い」の画像検索結果

MyPhotoSchool Tutor David Tipling's new book Penguins: Close Encounters is out now and here David shares some of his beautiful images with us and describes some of the severe conditions he was photographing in.

Penguin Love Photo by max seigal — National Geographic Your Shot

Snuggling penguins Photo by Max Seigal (Boulder, CO); South Georgia Island and the Sandwich Islands. Seeing these beautiful Penguins, makes me so happy!

Gives her a nice rock!

When a male penguin falls in love with a female penguin, he searches the entire beach to find the perfect pebble to present to her." Conclusion: Penguins are romantics at heart.

A Peruvian, penguin on a rock ... <3 www.24kzone.com

A Humboldt, Or Peruvian, Penguin Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Joel Sartore

A Humboldt, or Peruvian, penguin on a rock stained with guano.

Amoure en la playa...

Animal Life on

Two King Penguin friends enjoying a stroll together at Volunteer Point on the Falkland Islands.

baby penguin party

Penguins are by far my favorite animals! How can anyone not love these cute and cuddly creatures! My favorite thing about penguins is that they only have one mate for life :)

Sweaters for Penguins Affected by New Zealand Oil Spill

Sweaters for Penguins Affected by New Zealand Oil Spill

In New Zealand, knitters are helping penguins soaked in oil from a shipwreck. Sweaters are keeping the penguins warm & preventing them from ingesting the petroleum. I'm going to move to New Zealand and knit sweaters for penguins.

And this canvas art reminding you to find your own wings.

23 Adorable Penguin Products You Need In Your Life