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by Sean McCabe

Hand Lettering Quotes by Sean McCabe

Today we expand our interview series out further to share the work, thoughts and style of Sean McCabe. Sean is a hand lettering artist and type designer who will inspire you with all of his work.

Just got our wedding invites in the mail... Shaking with excitement cc @kelseyzahn - @iamjustlucky | Webstagram

i like the way the typography mixes together with different sizes and fonts changing while overlocking with each other to make a kind of word jigsaw puzzle

Get better don't try to be just good  ~~ cre : LC ~~

Those kinds of pictures / quotes / clothes / music and funny bits and overall inspiration in our personal humble opinion worth the word: " BANANAS!

Hand lettering by Molly Jacques (and quote by Albert Einstein).

40 Inspirational Quotes That Will Change Your Life

The only reason for time is so that every thing doesn't happen at once- Albert Einstein quote

This is a poster by Tor Weeks (who was also responsible for the Bikes of San Francisco poster in an earlier post). Here she takes one the more obscure typographic bits — the brackets — from different fonts to build her chart of typestaches.

If Fonts Wore Mustaches. In the spirit of ‘Movember’, San Franciso-based art director Tor Weeks has created an illustrated guide that explores the personalities of different fonts and the ‘type’ of mustache they would wear.


Quotes Collection: Something To Believe In #22

Graphic and UI Designer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Graduate from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo with a BFA in Art & Design and Minor in Computer Science.

by SevenSeventyFive - Andrew Kelly

by SevenSeventyFive - Andrew Kelly--quit the bad habit of making good excuses