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Baby Coati - Also known as snookum bears, as well as pizotes and hog-nosed coons. Coatis are endemic to Central America.

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As a wildlife conservationist in Costa Rica, Sam Trull, has captured numerous photos of baby sloths, which she is featuring in a new book entitled Slothlove.

This is a Red Coati. I only just found out these existed but already I want one. Look at that SNOUT.

But the red coati baby accepts that apology.and forgives you for everything and loves you unconditionally, because that's just what coatis do.

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Now, Raymond spends his days sitting at Julie's desk, where she is able to feed him his diet of special bottle formula every three hours. According to Julie she is fortunate that her boss Paulette Jones has a soft spot for wildlife.

Or eat them, if you prefer. | 20 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Turtles And Tortoises

20 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Turtles And Tortoises

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