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Tyler Thrasher

This Artist Transforms Dead Animals Into Crystalized Treasures

Meet Artist Tyler Thrasher, Who Makes Dead Things Sparkle | November 30, 2015 Issue - Vol. 93 Issue 47 | Chemical & Engineering News

Meet Artist Tyler Thrasher, Who Makes Dead Things Sparkle

Tyler Thrasher Art

Sometimes I make a crystallized cicada, other times it becomes a crystal with two wings protruding from the sides. Either way, some lucky person who bought a cicada from the last drop is getting this.

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Tyler Thrasher's crystal creations marry death and chemistry as never before.

tyler thrasher art

Today, I’ll be auctioning off this huge crystallized shell that was featured in my solo art shown"Prima Materia" BUT!

Tyler Thrasher Art

This artist is using chemistry to make skeletons into beautiful, macabre creations is taking taxidermy to the next level. Though not a taxidermist himself, the Tulsa,.

Tyler Thrasher

Bugs Get Bejeweled into Crystal Critters

Tyler Thrasher #luna #moth #crystallized

tylerthrasherart: “ Another angle of this crystallized sky-gliding beauty. This beautiful Luna moth was raised from eggs, grown, passed and then gifted to me by the wonderful I’m so.