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Really like the art just Jay's nose should stick up a little more

Really like the art just Jay's nose should stick up a little

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Jay and Cole are literally acting like best friends. XD <<< Loving Zane and Kai in this picture.

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also my style and designs for the ninja are changing again rip just another zane

I needed this

I needed this

Ninjago- Hey Brother by Neon-Frost.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt someone please make a music video!!!

I don't know which one is more sad this one the by: Neon Season or the Gravity Falls version

Finally, I finished this. I started this about four weeks ago, and since then I've been working on it almost every day. It features a layer for every season, except season 7, and unfortunately I ca...

If Ninjago had the time to put in Lloyd's interactions with the ninja (Or Nya) I would've totally sucked it in. Cole taking the time to train Lloyd, Kai playing a fun versus with Lloy.