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Maggie Smith...oh, dear!

Dame Maggie Smith (born 28 December seen here in 1976 in Shakespeare’s Antony and Cleopatra

Maggie Smith

'Downton Abbey' Star Maggie Smith Opens Up About Losing Her Husband & the 'Deafening Silence' of Grief

Diana Rigg: 'I find the whole feminist thing very boring,' she said in the Sixties, and hasn't changed her tune

Dame Diana Rigg is still fanning the flames of feminist derision

Dream Cast Possiblity (and it would be awesome) Diana Rigg as Mrs B, one of the main directors of mysterious spy organization The Authority.

CBS SUNDAY MORNING (December 27, 2015) ~ Dame Maggie Smith interview. (8:35) [Video]

These days Dame Maggie Smith, a veterans of stage and screen, is best known for her role in TV's "Downton Abbey.

Maggie Smith

To continue The Frisky's transformation into All "Downton Abbey" All The Time, Check out this photo of a young Maggie Smith. Before she was "Downton"'s Dowager