Narcissist's know that one day, one of their victim's will strike back and put them in their place. They know one day they'll be exposed, and all their power and control will be lost.

Narcissists will trash talk you, criticize you, and put you down, and often say rude things, even when it's not true

The only way to stop them is to cut them out of the equation of your life. It can make the narcissist angry. That evil narc is beneath the level of contempt. Void of understanding and empathy. They just don't care who they step on and hurt in the process.

hmmmm... just experienced this today... a little projection, some deflection - what a joy.

This is true. This abuser turns her own bad behaviors onto the target of her abuse. And will also falsely accuse her victim of being abusive toward others. It's all deflection.


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A recovery from narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse. Remember this - it is an important bit of information. **- being empathetic to a Narcissistic sociopath makes them believe they can get away with anything.